Sentiment Analysis Using Deep Learning

Sentiment Analysis Using Deep Learning


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About The Event

The Eminent Speaker: Dr Satish Patil, PhD, Founder and Chief Data Scientist, Lemoxo Technologies


Dr Satish has close to 6+ years of Data Science experience where he advises companies large and small on their data strategy. He holds a PhD from the University of Minnesota, USA and a B.Tech from University of Mumbai.


Over the last 6 years, Satish has helped global pharma, e-commerce giants, healthcare companies & startups to solve complex data problems to drive meaningful business outcome. His core competency lies in applied math and statistical modelling, deep learning and cognitive analytics. Satish is passionate about applying math, technology, design thinking and cognitive science to better understand, predict and improve business functions.


Outline of the talk


The traditional machine learning algorithm have been using hand engineered features to build sentiment analysis classifiers which is time consuming and accuracy largely depends on the person who is working on it.


Deep Learning has completely changed the face of the Natural Language Processing. With automatic feature detection and bringing state of the art results it has made life of engineers/scientist easy.  In this session we will discuss


- Word2Vec (How words are converted to vectors maintaining semantic realtionship)


- RNN and LSTM (How sequence models helps in NLP tasks)


- Build a classifier on IMDB dataset(Positive or Negitive review)


- Build a classifier on yelp dataset(Predicting the rating from the review)


- Future prospects


Those who are familiar with Keras and Tensorflow please ensure the bring your laptop during this session and participate in the hands-on session.


Registration and Charges


Charges for attending this meetup are Rs 100/-


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