Seminar on Safe Production of Meat Products - at St. Louis, Missouri

Seminar on Safe Production of Meat Products - at St. Louis, Missouri


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About The Event


Educational material discussed during this seminar will include both effective sanitation and hygienic practices and the control of microorganisms that cause spoilage and foodborne illness. After a discussion of microorganisms found in meat products, safety issues will be addressed and contamination sources identified. Practices to reduce contamination such as personal hygiene and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) will be discussed. Sanitation procedures for cleaning after production will be provided and the identification of the optimal cleaning compounds and sanitizers will be addressed. Furthermore, viable sanitation equipment and updated food safety technologies will be identified.
The Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) concept will be discussed, including development, implementation, and assessment. Further discussion will involve evaluation of the HACCP program and sanitation program effectiveness through the discussion of sanitation pre-operations (pre-ops) as well as final product inspection. Further verification of product safety will be accomplished through a presentation on the nutritive value of meat.

Why should you attend?

This seminar is designed for those that want to be involved with the production of safe meat products. Material to be discussed will provide participants knowledge of how sanitary practices can contribute to the production of safe meat products. Knowledge will be provided about contamination responsible for spoilage and foodborne illness and how hygienic practices can enhance the safety of meat products. Valuable knowledge will be provided about how to more effectively enhance hygiene and conduct effective sanitation practices during production and recommended procedures for efficient and effective cleaning. Also, participants will receive instruction about how to evaluate the effectiveness of a sanitation program.
Because of the importance of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), participants will learn how to incorporate HACCP into the production operation including plan development, implementation, and assessment. Additional information of value will include the acquisition and receiving of raw materials and further assurance of the safety of products manufactured through discussion of the nutritive value of meat products.

Who will benefit:

• Meat Plant Managers
• Meat Plant Superintendents
• Quality Assurance Managers and /or Specialists
• HACCP Directors or Coordinators
• Technical Services Managers and/or Specialists
• Sanitation Superintendents and/or Supervisors
• Foodservice Managers
• Foodservice Owners


Day 1 Schedule:
Lecture 1: Meat Microbiology
Lecture 2: Meat Safety Issues
Lecture 3: Contamination Sources
Lecture 4: Personal Hygiene
Lecture 5: Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs)
Lecture 6: Meat Plant Sanitation
Lecture 7: Sanitizers
Lecture 8: Optimal Sanitation
Lecture 9: Sanitation Equipment
Lecture 10: Emerging Food Safety Technologies
Day 2 Schedule:
Lecture 1: Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP)
Lecture 2: HACCP Plan Development
Lecture 3: Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures (SSOPs)
Lecture 4: HACCP Plan Implementation
Lecture 5: HACCP Plan Assessment
Lecture 6: Sanitation Pre-ops
Lecture 7: Raw Materials Acquisition and Receiving
Lecture 8: Final Product Inspection
Lecture 9: Nutritional Value of Meat


Norman Marriott
Consultant, Food Industry

Norman Marriott Food Scientist Professor Emeritus and food Industry Consultant has 38 years' of experience in the food industry. He is teaching university courses related to sanitation and food science, especially meat science.
Dr. Norman is the author of four books, four book modules or chapters, and over 650 technical or industry-related manuals, papers, or bulletins. He has served as an editor for 14 years of a technical journal also as an editorial board member of two technical journals and as a guest reviewer for four technical journals.
His expertise includes over 100 short course presentations, 200+ technical or industry presentations, eight profession-related achievement or service awards, various professional and industry related leadership positions and various consulting assignments over the past 38 years.

Location: St. Louis, MO Date: December 3rd & 4th, 2015 Time: 9 AM to 6 PM

Venue: Courtyard St Louis Downtown
Address: 2340 Market St, St. Louis, MO 63103, United States

Price: $1,295.00 (Seminar for One Delegate)
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