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About The Event

Have you always wanted to do that DREAM EURO TRIP? Is Traveling your Passion. Do you like doing BUDGET trips and TRAVEL AROUND THE WORLD with just a BACKPACK in the Cheapest possible ways?

When It comes to doing International Trips, people often become skeptical with a number of questions, which include - Not Enough Budget, Fear of Unexpected scenarios, Not a safe Idea to go to a foreign country, Will I get my Visa approved and not the least actually taking that leap to do a trip etc. 

This Seminar is about busting the myths about doing a Euro Trip and the doing it in the most Economic Way possible for Backpackers. We will also be talking about how to expect and resolve the different hurdles which you could face starting from applying the Visa to when you are actually Traveling. Further, you could gain some very interesting insights into which countries you should be taking Flights and Buses to travel the cheapest, where and how to try Couchsurfing to stay for free in people's places and many more. 

To know more register for this Seminar and sow the seed for the "Dream EURO TRIP" and get expert suggestions from a person who has traveled around 15 Countries and 35 Citis for 90 days around Europe in the most Economic Way possible!

What to expect:

1) What to expect while planning a Euro Trip and actually doing one too!

2) Get to know how much would it cost to do a Budget Euro Trip

3) How actually to Travel Cheap and sometimes literally for free around Europe.

4) Tips and Tricks to Couchsurf for Free in many places.

5) How to avoid Visa Rejections

6) Which places and Seasons to Travel in Europe. 

7) Photo Exhibition

8) Free Post meeting offline tips/meetings to plan your Trips

9) Tea and Snacks

About the Speaker:

Hi, I am Anirudh Thandra and am the Founder of, An Online Travel Company based out of Hyderabad. I have traveled for the past 3 months, Solo, across 35 cities and 14 Countries in Europe with just return tickets and no fixed plan. Having completed this successfully, I feel this is the best gift I could have ever given myself :) You could check my Facebook profile to follow my EuroTrip Journey (Anirudh Thandra). Traveling Solo for 90 days without a Plan and a destination, I learned a lot of life lesson along with exposure to a lot of cultures and experiences. I made around 100 friends in different countries from around the world which was the best part of my trip. Apart from this, I gained a lot of experience on Traveling around Europe and know the tricks of the trade. So got an idea to give it back and share my experiences and help more people travel around the world as this is also what brings me immense satisfaction.


About OneStepTraveller:

Visiting a new city and want to do a city tour, cultural tour, adventure tours, walking tours, food tours etc along with a local guide? Then you are at the right place. Welcome to OneStepTraveler, a Day Tours and Experiences Company based out of India. We aim to bring the best cultural and local experience tours by collaborating with the best local travel experts. With our unique business model, we help you share transport with fellow travelers, thus helping you to reduce Travel Costs. Do try us out and you would know!

Anirudh Thandra

Founder and CEO


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