Book Online Tickets for Seminar on Cloud Computing - AWS, Pune.  Join the seminar at IIHT Viman Nagar on AWS and understand various career opportunities in the Cloud Computing and AWS. Limited seats. Register and confirm your participation at & Share with your family, friend

Seminar on Cloud Computing - AWS


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 Join the seminar at IIHT Viman Nagar on AWS and understand various career opportunities in the Cloud Computing and AWS. 

Limited seats. Register and confirm your participation at

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Every year, the use of cloud computing is steadily rising. Whether you are a start-up or amongst the Fortune 500 companies, the transfer to the cloud seems to be where everyone is now heading towards. Being in the IT education industry for almost 25 years, IIHT sure has some interesting insights into cloud computing. Here, we share the most interesting ones.

Security and Privacy with Cloud

94% of the Small and Medium Businesses say they have experienced security features in the cloud that gives better security than on-premises services.
77% companies increased their cloud security budgets for cloud-based and mobile based services last year!
Private cloud is used by the US Government to maintain control and security over the cloud.
A survey conducted by Microsoft revealed that 62% of the respondents said that there was a rise in privacy protection as a result of moving to the cloud.
Productivity, ROI and Savings

70% of businesses stated that they were able to reinvest funds into their business because they moved to cloud.
Highly cost effective: Several small and medium businesses state cloud computing is actually 40% cheaper than running on their own systems.
The Federal Government of the US has been saving a mighty $5.5 billion a year simply by shifting to cloud computing. Half of US Government uses cloud to store their data. They spend close to $2 billion on creating, maintaining and supporting cloud services. Private, shared and commercial – all three types are used by the government.
Small and medium businesses have seen a rise in productivity by 59% simply by moving to cloud.
Maximum activity within the cloud is recorded by the banking sector. Mobile banking, payment gateways like Paypal that pioneered virtual payment use cloud in a big way!
80% of companies that have cloud computing happily state that efficiency, quality, and security are achieved almost instantly!
Benefits that SMBs see with cloud

Going green: Carbon emission and energy in SBMs has gone down by 90% by using cloud computing hugely adding to saving the environment.
The time for recovery has increased by as much as four times for businesses with the use of cloud computing as compared to ones who haven’t made the transition yet.
70% of small and medium sized companies actually reinvest their savings in sections that help grow and benefit their business such as innovation, research and development, marketing etc.
Cloud stats and predictions

By 2020, it is predicted that all small businesses would’ve adopted cloud computing completely.
In 2016, close to 90% of Microsoft’s R & D budget was spent for improving cloud computing and security services.
It is predicted that by the year 2018, a minimum of 30% of service companies will move major portions of their ERPs to the cloud.
By the year 2020, 40 zettabytes of data will be hosted in the cloud.
Public cloud to see an increase by 44% in use in coming years.
These facts clearly state that cloud is here for good and is no doubt going to be the future! Fielded as one of the top job profiles, it’s certainly one of the best job generators! Master cloud and you be sure to be on top of your game.

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