Seminar :Discover the Genius in your Child(based on study techniques adopted by toppers)

Seminar :Discover the Genius in your Child(based on study techniques adopted by toppers)


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There are lot of students who work very hard but inefficiently and who’s performance in examination is a surprise & disappointment both to themselves and their teachers, families and friends. At the same time there are students who are able to achieve some times satisfactorily and some times excellent results without hard work. The basic differentiating factor is the study techniques. Hard work should bring achievement but only when coupled with efficient and appropriate study techniques. Surprisingly in our entire school education we spend thousands of days learning different subjects but not even a single hour on “how to study or How to learn”. Learning how to study can equip us with skills and techniques to learn more in less time and with less stress

With above perspective in mind AIETS is organizing seminars on “Discover the Genius in your Child (based on study techniques adopted by toppers)”.  The seminar recapitulates and reinforces the basic study techniques adopted by toppers and lays a platform for the student to make an action plan to convert this potential into performance.

The seminar is useful for anybody who is doing studies at any level. The seminar is also useful for anybody who wishes to help the student study effectively, e.g. parents, teachers and friends. This seminar would teach you time tested techniques to reduce your overall study time, increase your study efficiency, and helps to improve the overall study process. So if you want to learn better and faster, book your seat today.

 Schedule: Sunday ,2nd September from 5.30 pm to 7.00 pm at Auditorium, Hall No 8,Pragati Maidan,Delhi

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