Seminar - Letters Of Credit & Incoterms At Jaypee Vasant Continental

Seminar - Letters Of Credit & Incoterms At Jaypee Vasant Continental


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Seminar - Letters of Credit & Incoterms.

Letters of Credit and INCOTERMs constitute the language of International business. If you are doing business overseas, be it Import or Export, you need to understand LCs and Incoterms.

This Seminar is designed to train Managers in what they need to know - the know-how that is crucial - so that they can do International business safely and correctly, with no losses arising out of ignorance.

This Seminar will train Managers to :

* Understand how Letters of Credit work / Know the 'Do's and Don't's' / Know the new set of Incoterms / Manage Forex Risk.

* Senior and mid-level Managers in Import and/or Export oriented companies who have low to medium previous knowledge of the intricacies of LCs and Incoterms.

Program Topics -
Introduction and Warm up :

* How Letters of Credit work - Roles of Opener, Beneficiary, and the banks.

* UCP 600 - Key terms and their meanings / How to avoid problems - Dos and Don'ts.

* Doing business through Letters of Credit - Structuring Import Letters of Credit / Negotiating under Export letters of Credit.

Case Studies for Exporters and Importers.
Managing Foreign Exchange Risk.
INCOTERMs - Meanings and Applications.
Concluding Session.

Fees and Registration - The fee which covers breakfast, lunch & tea/coffee as well as reading material, Rs 7,500/- plus service tax @10% and education cess @3% = Rs.8,273 /- per participant. For the organizations sending three and more delegates the fee is Rs. 7,000/- plus service tax @10% Plus education cess @3% = Rs. 7,721 per participant.

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