SEEC 2009

SEEC 2009


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usiness-oriented aspects of ontology,engineering (costs,business measurements, cost benefit analysis), Semantic Web-based multimedia,Semantic annotation of data,Semantic Web trust, privacy, security and intellectual property, rights,Semantic Web representation and query languages,Reasoning on the Web (e.g.,scalability, fuzziness, distribution) Searching, querying, visualizing, navigating and browsing the Semantic Web Personalization and user modeling User interfaces and Semantic Web Semantic Grid and Middleware Semantic Web Services (e.g. description, discovery, invocation, composition) Semantic Web Applications for knowledge management, eBusiness, eCulture, eGovernment, eHealth, eLearning, eScience etc. Database technologies for the Semantic Web, Semantic e-business, space science,Artificial intelligence.

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