Secrets that Successful people never Reveal.

Secrets that Successful people never Reveal.


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About The Event

Are you as successful as you wish to be?
…As successful as you deserve to be?
...and finally as successful as you want to be?

Success is something that almost everyone thinks eludes them. Yes, for the people who perceive themselves as unsuccessful and also for the people who perceive themselves as successful; mostly they carry this feeling that no matter how many times they feel successful…not so far enough they feel again that success is yet miles away. Strange isn’t it? 

Even worse many of us don’t get where we want to, due to our own limited understanding of ourselves and our weaknesses. Feels familiar?

It’s time to spill the beans.

Come join us for an eye opening, spell bound workshop on secrets of success! Something you haven’t learnt before.

What will you learn?
• What actually is success?
• Why is different for different people and on what does it mean for you?
• How can we be successful going forward in life?
• What is growth?
• How is growth different from success?
• Are you growth oriented or success oriented?
• Understanding Money, its purpose and present impact!
• How to deal with Money?

• Transform yourself into someone who has success running around him, every time!
• Experience relief from your own mind trap of expectations and prepare yourself for true success.
• Align yourself to purposeful and meaningful success and experience true contentment. 
• Analyse and realise how much you have grown.
• Become growth hungry and then feed yourself with growth.
• Stop money from pulling you down from what you really want in life.
• Freedom from limitation and desperation of money.
• Get on top of money.
• Take charge of money!

No matter your age or gender, if even a single above mentioned line resonates with you, this learning intervention is for you.
Higher Self is a purposeful organisation which focuses on self awareness and channelizes all its energies in unleashing the true human potential. It’s a new organisation promoted by old and wise souls. Treat yourself!

P.S. At Higher Self we never try to give you any gyan, no suggestions, no things to do, no commandments, no “this is what successful people do, you should do too” rather we put all our efforts to help you raise your self-awareness and realise your truest and purest self. As we believe that all of us are infinitely capable we just need to be aware of ourselves in order to experiencing this truth. 

Tickets only @ 2k, early bird till limited seats last.

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