Second national symposium on Innovative Approaches and Modern Technologies for Crop Productivity, Food Safety and Environmental Sustainability

Second national symposium on Innovative Approaches and Modern Technologies for Crop Productivity, Food Safety and Environmental Sustainability


About The Event

Second national symposium on Innovative Approaches and Modern Technologies for Crop Productivity, Food Safety and Environmental Sustainability at Hotal Magala Towers, Thrissur, Kerala

Date of Function: Nov 19-20, 2012. 

About the Symposium 

A great deal of global concern is mounting over an ever growing list of environmental problems. India's growing population is the primary cause of India's environmental degradation. Increase in population ultimately posing a pressure on natural resources, while high-gear economy is leaving a trail of pollution that affects the whole world. There is a lack of vision and planning in foreseeing environmental issues. Pollution, mass deforestation, dropping water table, wildlife loss, land degradation, drought due to climate change and hike in population are those major critical issues that India struggles with every day. 

Nearly one billion people in the world are undernourished and millions suffer from chronic disease due to food insecurity, an issue of global importance, results from climate change, urban development and population growth. Malnourishment and hunger leads to individuals fail to provide food for their families, reduce the ability of adults to work, reduce to give birth to healthy children, and erode ability to learn and lead productive, healthy and happy lives. This undermines a country's potential for substantial health and economic development for generations to come. There are evident direct relationships between agricultural productivity, hunger and poverty. Climate change threatens more frequent drought, flooding and pest outbreaks, and the world loses 12 million hectares of agricultural land each year by land degradation. And directly it countenance environmental, economic and social challenges of the country. Hunger and child malnutrition are greater in these areas than in urban areas. As the global population approaches nine billion, the food and feed crop demand is likely to double in the next 50 years. In future, farmers will find things steadily more difficult due to environmental degradation, climate change, excess utilization of chemicals, quality of the seeds and a series of other threats. 

Need to find solutions for these issues become more urgent every day. To overcome this issue researchers are looking for large scale responses for stepping up into commercial agricultural techniques by introducing modern and sustainable technologies in agricultural practices. Alternative and modern practices are having potential to increase agricultural productivity which enables farmers to grow more food, which translates into better diets and higher farm incomes. Environmental pollution, food insecurity and agricultural productivity are already inhibiting human well-being and economic growth throughout the world. 

To address these alarming patterns, SAB organizing second national symposium to provide platform to discuss and find sustainable solutions for the above said issues. The present symposium will have special focus on demonstrating innovative approaches, modern technologies and their applications for food, agriculture, environment and the major themes are as follows: 

Modern perspectives in agriculture - approaches, challenges and opportunities

Crop diversification, sustainable utilization and biodiversity conservation

Application of biotechnology and nanotechnology to increase agricultural productivity

Sustainable and eco-friendly approaches for agricultural productivity

Environmental management of degraded ecosystems and reclamation of polluted soils

Biodegradation and bioaccumulation of oils, heavy metals and other toxic pollutants

Identification, characterization and preservation of biodiversity through modern techniques

Food safety, food security and poverty alleviation

Impacts of global warming and climate change on agriculture and environment, and Impact of genetically modified organisms and other biotechnology products 

Dr. Jeyabalan Sangeetha

Programme Secretary, NSAFE 2012

Secretary, Society for Applied Biotechnology

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