Sea Food Festival At Bonsai

Sea Food Festival At Bonsai


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Bonsai presents Sea Food Festival.

Lobster in caponatto sauce/ crispy basil sauce. Jumbo prawn in creamy lemon mustardsauce/ chilli garlic pepper sauce. Rubian mishwey (it's basically grill prawn in lemon butter sauce). Grilled salmon with baked potato in creamy white sauce. Grilled Sole in Bbq Sauce/ Lemon Butter Sauce. Steamed fish in chilli coriander sauce. Grilled scallop in xo sauce. Grilled red snapper in thai chilli coriander sauce. Whole tandoori pomfret. Rajasthani Fish Tikk.

Pricing Details : Table for two - Rs. 1,200/- plus taxes.

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