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About The Event

General Information: 

1. SCL Tennis Ball Cricket Tournament 

2. There will be limited no of registrations in the tournament.

3. All the matches will be of knock out format.

4. All pre semi final matches will be played 8 over a side. Semi Finals and Final of the tournament will be 10 over a side.

5. Each team will have maximum 15 players (11 playing and 4 extras). Each match of the tournament will be played with 11 a side team. Team members once declared cant be changed.

6. Players need to wear sportswear of their choice and each team can pick their own dress themes.

7. The matches would be played with Wilson Tennis Ball. 

8. No LBWs: However to discourage deliberate padding a batsman will be judged OUT if he/she stopped the ball with his/her body without making any effort to play the ball with his/her bat.

9. The organizers are not responsible for providing any cricketing gear.

10. Decisions by the umpires on the field of play are final. Any player showing unreasonable dissent in the opinion of the umpires/adjudicator shall be disqualified from further play in the tournament following due and fair warning from the said officials.

11. A player involved in the physical abuse of umpire will be disqualified from the game immediately, and the team will not be allowed to field a substitute in his place. The tennis cricket committee will however take an appropriate action/penalty of his actions.

12. There is no restriction on the field placing. However any conspicuous movement by a fielder once the bowler starts in his bowling stride to the instant that the ball is delivered is prohibited. The umpire will have the discretion in what is meant by conspicuous.

13. Fielders and bowlers also are prohibited from shouting anything from the instant the bowler starts the bowling stride to the instant the ball is either played or crosses the normal batting position of the batsmen.

14. Also note that in the case of run-outs and stumping, a batsman is considered to be out of his ground unless a part of his bat or body is grounded inside the crease. Thus, if the body or the bat is grounded on the crease line, but not inside, the batsman is out.

Registration Process:

1. Strictly All the registration will be done online and no on the spot registrations.

2. 2nd  Dec is the last date of the registration.

Match timings and Punctuality

1. Teams not reporting in time will be disqualified and their opponents will get a bye. 

2. Both captains have to be present for the toss at 15 minutes before the schedule time. If the captain is not available, that team will forfeit the toss. The first ball of the match should be bowled at scheduled time.

3. All teams are expected to be prompt and ready to play. Any deliberate delay in the start of a game will result in the guilty team being penalized overs or, ultimately, disqualification from the competition. In this case the other team will get 4 points.

4. Coin toss will be completed off the field, and both teams will be fully prepared to take the field as soon as the field is available.

5. Teams completing a game are expected to exit the field in an orderly and efficient manner.

6. All team members should be present before the match on the field. The game will not be held up due to the absence of any player of either side.

7. Any side not ready to take the field (or an incomplete team) will forfeit, or must take the field with 'player(s) short'.

Awards and Prizes:

1. Trophy will be given to the winner and runners-up team.

2. Gold and Silver medals for all the team members of winners and runner up team

3. T-shirts for man of the match for all the matches.

4. T-shirts for all the members of winner and runner up teams.

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