Science Filled Fun Events For Corporate Gatherings And For Take Your Kids To Work Day

Science Filled Fun Events For Corporate Gatherings And For Take Your Kids To Work Day


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About The Event

ScienceUtsav is a creative parallel educational program for children of the age group 05 to 14 years. In this innovative program children gain knowledge ScienceUtsav is a parallel educational program for children of age 05 to 14 years. We strive to create an interactive learning platform for the participants through hands-on activities, science experiments, fun projects, science games, puzzles, science expeditions, role plays and other innovative techniques. We believe that “practicality is everything”

Our corporate event include a wide variety of choices wherein participants can either do experiments or enjoy a show or you could opt for a mixture of both.

Our Offerings for Corporates:


  • Science Street Performer


Science Tricks on the Move: Show Amazing Science tricks while moving among the crowd and shows tricks like super bubble, Dry ice fun and give the feel of a carnival



  • Science Show


Interactive and Exciting science games and experiments for the mass.

  1. Science is Magic show
  2. Frozen Science show



  • Science Pavilion set ups (Any two)


    1. Funny Photons
    2. Chemical mania
    3. Excited electrons



  • Experience Zone (Any one)


    1. Frozen with Elsa
    2. Magic Spells with Harry Potter
    3. Sherlock Holmes- The Spy
    4. Harry Potter



  • Other Offerings


    1. Deci-bell
    2. Excited Electrons
    3. Coloured Photon
    4. Fire Flame
    5. Illusion Room
    6. Magnetic Magic
    7. Electro-statics or Lightning Room
    8. Smoke bazooka
    9. House of Discovery
    10. Magic Quick Sand
    11. Haunted Chemistry
    12. Milky Way (Astronomy)
    13. Blood Testing
    14. Invisible Gremlins (World as seen through Microscope)


For further details about our offerings


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