School of Digital Marketing - 6-Month Certified Course - IIDE

School of Digital Marketing - 6-Month Certified Course - IIDE


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About The Event

You probably already know how 5 years ago Digital was the future & everything was going Digital. Today, a large part of those people are online & are already digital-friendly but fortunately more than 70% of India is still offline. This creates a HUGE SCOPE & DEMAND for digitally skilled people & digital enabling businesses to start which can help the people/companies that are offline, GO ONLINE!

The ’School of Digital Marketing’ (SDM) is a comprehensive mix of basics, core and agency skills and is integrated in a manner to develop strategic, executive and soft skills in the field of Digital Marketing. Our course content and curriculum has been curated by industry experts from leading digital marketing agencies.

At IIDE, we believe in the L-A-E method of teaching i.e. Learn - Apply - Evaluate. Each student will be working on a real-life business (maybe your own start up, family business or a sample business given by us). All classroom learning will be applied by the student on their respective business which will be evaluated by the faculty and peers. The motive of such hands-on training is to ensure that upon successful completion of the program, you will be a fully equipped digital marketer.

To know more about the course curriculum & the modules you’ll be learning you can visit click here. 

The benefits you’ll observe once you do the 6-month course (to start with) will be that:

- Your job prospects will increase drastically.
- You’ll be able to take any business online (as a freelancer).
- You’ll have the skillset to become a social media influencer hence you’ll be following your passions and doing what you’re good at while having the freedom of being anywhere around the globe.
- You could start your own e-commerce website for any product & sell it online. The reason you’ll do it really well is because you’ll have all the skills under your umbrella.
- Start your own Digital Marketing Agency.

Also, if you want to take the most advantage of the course, it’s best to start with a business idea in mind because once you’re done, you’ll have already
- Built a website
- Done the Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
- Search Engine Marketing (SEM – GoogleAds)
- Social Media Ads, define your Target Audience
- Content Strategy
- Email Marketing & many more things

If you choose not to be digitally equipped then you’d probably be avoiding the inevitable skills needed for the future since this will be the common sense for tomorrow.


Course Details
Course Commencement: 19th December 2017 
Time: 5 PM - 8 PM (Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday) - 6 months

To apply for the course, there is an application procedure for which you can click here. For more info & arranging a call with our counselor to get a better understanding before you make a decision, you can click here.

Contact: +91-9619958615


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