Scala and Spark Live and Online 3-day Workshop in Hyderabad

Scala and Spark Live and Online 3-day Workshop in Hyderabad


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About The Event

We are glad to announce our first ever Scala and Spark live workshop. If you are interested in attending this workshop that also gives you a certification, please go through the following details and fill the form in the end.

Duration – 3 days (24 to 27 hours)

Course Fee – 25,000 INR (standard tax applies)

Mode: Live (both classroom and online using WebEx)


  • 6-month lab access
  • Spark content 100% relevant to CCA 175 and HDPCD Spark certifications
  • Foundation for Data Bricks and MapR certification
  • 24×7 life time support using forums
  • Exercises for effective implementation of Spark applications using Scala programming language


  • Scala 2.10
  • Spark 1.6.2
  • Hadoop 2.x


  • Basic knowledge of any programming language such as Java, Python, C, RoR, etc. but not mandatory.

Topics Covered

  • Introduction to Big Data
  • Setting up Environment and using the lab
    • Overview of lab
    • Setup Scala, sbt and Spark
    • Setup Intellij IDE with sbt
  • Programming using Scala
    • Scala REPL
    • Basic programming constructs
    • Object Oriented Concepts
    • Develop Scala applications using JDBC and other 3rd party tools
    • Develop using IntelliJ and build using sbt
    • Collections
  • Core Spark
    • Spark Architecture
    • Spark Configuration and Spark Context
    • Resilient Distributed Datasets
    • Transformations
    • Actions
  • Data Frames and Spark SQL
    • Data Frames and Data Frame Operations
    • Spark native SQL
    • Spark Hive SQL

About us

ITversity is known for high quality training in Big Data. We have the history of training thousands of IT professionals, hundreds are certified and several of them successfully transitioned to emerging technologies.



For more information about the workshop feel free to contact us at 040-3192 4201

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