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About The Event


Kisaanraj - Save Farmers event is all about supporting farmers .

We  have celebrities Actor Navdeep , Actress Santoshi Sharma, Roll Rida Singer, RJ Chaithu and Youtube Fame My village show supporting our event.

Followed by few dignitaries from various feilds taking a part in this farmers cause.

Event: We have Roll Rida and MY Village Show performing for the evening followed by many other performances bands , Dance, Skits .

Every ticket you purchase will make difference to farmers life. The fund raised through tickets will be used for better future of farmers. So let's join save farmers event  and thank a farmer.

We look forward to your support for our initiative, while we also assure you of a FABULOUS Saturday evening!!

You can buy tickets here on mera events

TKR Engineering College- April 7th

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