Saturday Disco 31 - Wwyyzzzrrddz At TLR Cafe

Saturday Disco 31 - Wwyyzzzrrddz At TLR Cafe


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SpiralSeed presents Saturday Disco 31 - Wwyyzzzrrddz.

Disco 31 is on every Saturday night @ TLR Cafe, when our humble boho lounge mutates into a neon nightclub of epic proportions. Local and International artists and Team TLR program a series of themed celebrations crystallizing TLR Cafe's reputation as one of New Delhi's most unique and exciting nightlife destinations.Wwyyzzzrrddz return from their brief hiatus with a refined presentation of the original Disco 31 theme. Inspired by the no-holds-barred party vibe of the notorious Studio 54, Wwyyzzzrrddz transport you to an existential base beyond time and place, the future halcyon of timeless decadence. Disco classics, '80s pop hits, '90s acid house, old school hip hop, original funk & soul breaks and numerous secret ingredients all melange in the sonic cauldron releasing hallucinatory vapors revealing lush, vivid imagery extracted from the confines of your very own skull. Trap the vapors into a vial, condense to potion, drink it, experience your mind falling apart, and your soul levitating liberated.

Its been a busy break for both GrandWizard Su-Real and Santana, Supreme Sorceress. Su-Real made only a handful of public appearances that included compering at India's first official, authentic Soundclash (Reggae Rajahs vs. Bassfoundation) and introducing India to the new age dark arts of Moombahton alongside acclaimed Indian producer Nucleya. Santana meanwhile toured the land surreptitiously setting up mirages at some of the biggest venues across India including Blue Frog for the heavy metal forces Them Clones, not to mention her work with truth-sayer soothsayer Arundhati Roy and rocksteady people-power action team The Ska-Vengers.

All the while, both Su-Real and Santana have been adding to their audiovisual arsenal and stacking the cellars. Don't call it a come-back, they've been here for years, rocking their peers and putting suckers in fear, making the tears rain down like a monsoon, listen to the bass go boom. Wwyyzzzrrddz gonna knock you out.

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