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Data types
Scaling Techniques
Graphs & Frequency Distributions
Measures of Central Tendency,
Measures of Dispersion
Skew ness and Kurtosis,
Random Variable and

SAS Analytics Training


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SAS Analytics training presenting it



  1. Variables
  2. Data types
  3. Scaling Techniques
  4. Graphs & Frequency Distributions
  5. Measures of Central Tendency,
  6. Measures of Dispersion
  7. Skew ness and Kurtosis,
  8. Probability
  9. Random Variable and Expectations
  10. Probability Distributions Continuous and Discrete Distributions
  11. Estimations
  12. Sampling Theory Probability and Non Probability Sampling
  13. Inferential Statistics Hypothesis Testing Parametric and Non Parametric
  14. ANOVA and ANCOVA
  15. Correlation Analysis




  1. Regression Analysis Simple Regression, Multiple Regression]
  2. Logistic Regression,
  3. Factor Analysis
  4. Cluster Analysis
  5. Discriminant Analysis
  6. Decision Trees[CHAID Analysis
  7. CART]Forecasting techniques MA,AR, ARMA, ARIMA




                All these techniques with Real Time Projects on Excel, SAS, SAS E Miner, R Studio.


                Project Domains: Capital Market, Banking, Insurance.






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