SAP BIBW  Online Training Classes By Real-Time Experts @ Psntrainings

SAP BIBW Online Training Classes By Real-Time Experts @ Psntrainings


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Psntrainings offers sap bibw online training in Hyderabad, Bangalore, and chennai with real-time experts. There is a huge demand for sap bibw in the present market.

With industry oriented training from experts with several years of experience .Psntrainings is the leaders in online sap bibw training. Technical learning assistance is extended for our students even after completion of the sap bibw training at

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Psntrainings is the best sap bibw online training in India.

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Course Content 

 Introduction to SAP Business Intelligence

• BI Architecture / BI Platform
• Enterprise Data warehousing / Data Modelling
• Enterprise Reporting, Query and Analysis
• Data Acquisition / Data Extraction
• Star Schema and Extended Star Schema

* Multidimensional Modelling
* Entity Relationship Modelling

Enterprise Data warehousing

• Master Data Loading Attributes, Texts and Hierarchies
• Transaction Data Loading
• Types of Info provider

* Info cubes
* DSO/ODS Objects(Standard DSO, WriteOptimized DSO, Direct Update DSO)
* Info objects as Info providers
* Info sets (Inner-Joins, Outer-Joins, Temporial-Joins, Equi-Joins)
* Multi providers
* Virtual Providers

• Differentiating between 3.x version and 7.0 version.
• Open Hub Destination
• InfoSpokes
• Routines
• Business Content and its Relevance
• Performance Tuning

* Aggregates
* Compression
* Rollup
* Reconstruction
* Indexing etc.

• Analysis Process Designer

Data Acquisition / Data Extraction

• Partition and repartition of InfoCube
• Transportation
• Support Project Issues

Project documentation and project environment overview.

SAP BIBW Training in Hyderabad



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