Sanmarga SriVidya Dhyan and Healing

Sanmarga SriVidya Dhyan and Healing


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About The Event

Brahma Vidhyam Tasyam Ramyate iti Bharatha


Meaning:  A place where people ‘enjoy’ life by realising the secrets of Bramha Vidhya is called Bharat.


Bramha Vidhya or Srividya is the knowledge of ‘SELF’.  Sanmarga Srividya is the practice of aligning the 'SELF' in an effortless but effective way that it is one with the universal consciousness, after which the experience of bliss with still and calm mind happens naturally 24/7.  To achieve an ascent of our consciousness into that oneness, we need to heal ourselves at physical, emotional, mental and etheric levels.


Siddhaguru says that a life of emotional childishness and intellectual genius is natural to us, if we know how to align our mind to the cosmos.  He further says, as a freely suspended magnet aligns itself to the geometric north and south, a free mind too aligns instantly to the cosmos; but our rigid mental conditionings does not allow that easily.


This two-day experiential workshop with SiddhaGuru Atmanandaji leaves us with an overwhelming experience of that oneness, still and peaceful mind, and an ever-blissful heart.  It is like a ride of a life.  SiddhaGuru has devised state-of-art and simple-to-follow meditation techniques by which one would instantly experience the INNER SELF ( I AM ) due to his immensely powerful initiations through Shaktipata, Pranapata, and Shivapata dikshas.   This also makes us have the highest level of healing available.


As Swami Vivekananda said, “You have to grow from the inside out. No one can teach you, no one can make you spiritual. There’s no other teacher but your own soul.”  So, only an experience of our own true self, even if it is momentary, has the power to make us stop getting influenced by circumstances and resonate to the inner infinite potential.


SIDDHA SANMARGA SATYA SANGAM welcomes you into 'A way of Life' to unfold our inner infinite potential and harness complete success or a blissful life with 100% materialistic and 100% spiritual abundance.  Hence we at Siddha Sanmarga say , 'Live life 200% ' and arrive to the world of freedom through the gateway called Shividhya Meditation - THE SANMARGA WAY!!!

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