Sales Workshop - Unleash your Sales Potential

Sales Workshop - Unleash your Sales Potential


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About The Event

 What is Sales Training?


The purpose of Sales Training is to learn how to persuade “potential-buyers” to buy. Sales training is important because you need people to say, “Yes” to your proposals.


Sales training is made up of subset skills: Making a good first impression, analysis of customer needs, presentation and explanation of your products, answering possible objections, persuasion, negotiation and customer service.


Sales skills are not “innate natural talents”. Sales skills need to be consciously learned and practiced until they become second nature.


All Organisations need to be, to some degree, Sales Organisations.


Sales is Science and Selling is an Art”. Attend the workshop and learn the traits to be a Successful Sales Professional.


Sales Training Content and Objectives


Sales is based upon a six-part model.


1. Introduction: First contact


2. Analysis: of customer needs


3. Presentation of your solution in relation to their needs


4. Answer questions or objections


5. Guide the prospect to a decision to proceed. (Close the sale)


6. Ask for referrals, add-on sales and repeat business.


Sales model relies on communication skills.


1. The proper use of words.


2. Listening skills.


3. Good memory


4. Good note taking skills.


5. The proper use of voice tones.


6. The proper use of body language.


7. A positive mental attitude.


About the Trainer: The Trainer is a Certified Corporate Trainer who has around 16 years of corporate experience and has served in many leading organizations in Banking and Financial Services Industry. He was a Vice President of a Leading bank in has last corporate assignment. 


He has experience of handling different geographic locations PAN India and has worked in all four Zones of the Country. He has vast knowledge on how different markets behave, ranging from agricultural segment right unto high net worth Individuals. He has been able to collate these behavioral patterns into his program delivery for ease of understanding of the audience. He has put his passion to use, in preparation of the modules for Evominds.




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