Book Online Tickets for Sales Training Workshop in Chennai | Aut, Chennai. After the last Super successful \'Authoritative Sales Training\' workshop, excited to announce the next workshop in Chennai. If you have been struggling to close deals due to any of the following problems and wish to end your struggle then this works

Sales Training Workshop in Chennai | Authoritative Selling


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About The Event

After the last Super successful 'Authoritative Sales Training' workshop, excited to announce the next workshop in Chennai. If you have been struggling to close deals due to any of the following problems and wish to end your struggle then this workshop is for you.


  • Customers like my product but don't buy.
  • They ask me to send information in an email to ignore my calls. 
  • They do not respond to my emails and social messages.
  • They compare us to a less qualified competition and negotiate hard. 
  • Customers ask huge discounts and this is affecting profit margins.
  • I am selling startup/new products and struggling to make sales.
  • My product selling involves multiple decision makers and I have to run behind each one of them to close deals. This effect my Sales cycle.
  • Customers run away after hearing our pricing and never come back.
  • I have to depend on my manager/CEO for customer presentations & negotiations. 
  • I am new to Sales and don't know how to introduce my products and influence customer purchase decisions. 
  • Customers see me as pushy Salesman. I want to position myself as an authority to crack bigger deals. 


Join the workshop to unlock the secrets to become a brand that customer will instantly trust, confide, believe and invest in without any questions or doubts.


Workshop Agenda

1. Business Development

Objective: Build your own Business Development Plan to Increase Leads and Sales Conversion

Topics Covered

Building a Business Development Plan
Build your customized Approach for accelerating deal closure
Lead Management for Maximum Conversions
Email and Social Selling
Call and Meeting Preparations Tips

Key Takeaway: Successful Business Development Approach to generating qualified and interested business inquiries in any industry or situation.

2. Sales Approach

Objective- Position yourself as the trusted adviser during the sales process and Sell solutions, not products to influence buyer's agenda.

Topics Covered

Understand buyers Psychology of Persuasion and Buying
How to use 'Beyond the Obvious' information to influence buyers decision.
Building Sales Pitch and Communication Framework for successful customer calls and meetings
Sales Pitch for Calls, Emails, Social Media, F2F Meetings
Introduction Communication & Ice-Breaker Framework

Key Takeaway: Successful Sales Approach to engage any type of Buyers into Sales Conversation.

3. Sales Discussion

Objective- Hold masterful sales conversations from beginning to end for Maximum Engagement.

Topics Covered

How to Position yourself as an Authority and Trusted Adviser.
How to uncover the full set of buyer needs, hidden desires for buying and deal potential using RAMP Model.
How to re-enforce your product and brand authority using FAB, Value Proposition and Storytelling.
Sales Objections and How to address them with Satisfactory and Encouraging Responses.

Key Takeaway: the Key approach to hold successful Sales Discussions with Buyers, help them see their challenges and your product as a potential solution.

4. Sales Presentation

Objective- Sell based on the un-denying value that directly appeals to customer's buying motivation.

Topics Covered

Identifying four components of a strong sales presentation.
Differentiating your solution from the competition.
Secrets to delivering presentations that engage buyers and build their brand perception.
Best Opening and Closing Strategies used by Top Speakers to engage buyers.

Key Takeaway: Presentation Skills for delivering online/offline presentations to customers and help them realize the potential of your product & unique value partnership will offer.

5. Negotiations

Objective - Overcome customer objections and Close new business with maximum success.

Topics Covered

Psychology of Negotiation.
Strategies to justify Product Value over price & competition.
Top Strategies to avoid price discounts and unreasonable demands from buyers.
Strategies to increase deal size multi-fold using up-selling & Cross-Selling.
Strategies to drive immediate purchase action.

Key Takeaway: Negotiation Skills to help a customer purchase without losing the deal, it's value or customer interest.

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