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Sales Closing Techniques


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About The Event

A ONE Day Intensive Sales Training program to Empower Sales Professionals through Skills Development "Sales Closing Techniques" focusses on all the aspects of sales process. The aim of this program is to provide powerful tools to help sales pros to improve their sales effectiveness, sales performance and achieving results.



            1. Develop right characteristics of a Sales Professional

            2. Ensure proper Etiquette, and Body Language

            3. Impart Prospecting ideas

            4. Analyzing the barriers and applying the tips and techniques for effective customer followup

            5. Understanding Sales Psychology

            6. Follow 5 Steps in Sales process meticulously

            7.Qualifying customers

            8. AIDA approach in Sales

            9. Adapt to Sales Closing Techniques

            10. Excelling in customer objections handling


"Sales Closing Techniques" Program also sets Sales Pros on the path of New Age Sales Leader, and make their Sales Career an enjoyable journey of life.

  1. 5 Challenges faced by Sales Professionals
  2. 8 Attributes of a Professional Sales Person
  3. 5 Steps of Sales
  4. AIDA approach to understand customer psyche
  5. 4 Elements in Qualifying customer
  6. ASK Principle for Sales Success
  7. FAB statements in Sales presentation
  8. 5 Stages in Customer Objections Handling
  9. SATMC Method
  10. 23 Sales Closing Techniques


  1. The program leaves a life lasting impact on the behaviour of the Sales Professionals and impacts their career in the most positive and constructive aspect , which will bring changes in their thought process, words and actions.
  2. It enhances  sales  pros performance and results
  3. Improved work environment and team work through effective communication
  4. Win the confidence of the clients and colleagues
  5. Accuracy and relevancy of Sales Closing Techniques in current market conditions
  6. Effective handling of customer objections and result oriented feedback
  7. Improved customer relationships.
  8. Enhance sales effectiveness, fine tune sales ability, and inspire to achieve more.
  9. Boost sales revenue, over achieve sales targets, and profit margins.
  10. Learn from a pool of new ideas and techniques.
  11. Gain sales advice from Master Trainer.
  12. Get motivation and shape personal growth.
  13. Feel inspired to succeed and regain focus.
  14. Acquire present sales strategies that already worked for others.
  15. Adapt Best Sales Practices, experience the latest trends, and ideas available to enhance sales performance.

And it will be certainly an exhilarating, and motivational day for  Sales Pros.

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