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Saksham Theatre Group presents \"Miyan Biwi Aur Manto : Manto Ke Comedy Drame\" Hindi Play


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Saksham Theatre Group presents 'Miyan Biwi Aur Manto : Manto Ke Comedy Drame' Hindi Play. 

This play is a collection of five short stories from the pen of “Saadat Hassan Manto”. The stories portrayed in this play are entirely different from the genre, he’s well known for. He wrote these stories when he had no proper source of income and had to fulfill his hunger. These stories depicta comical take on the sweet-sour relationship shared by husband and wife.Their arguments, their fights, their everyday moments will surely take you on a joyride. The play touches on the reality of the daily challenges thatlife throws over a wed
locked couple. All stories revolves around three characters Kishore, a loving husband his chatterbox wife Lajwanti and Narayan, Kishore’s friend who is an amiable man.

The story KAHANI LIKHAIN sets where Lajwanti wants to write a story, and forces her husband to do so. Narayan comes up and joins both of them in writing. What will come out when three writers will write a story is something beyond reality. 

In KHAT SUNO, there is a situation when Kishore wants to read out a letter from Narayan to Lajwanti. But every time he tries to make her listen, she changes the topic. Look out for what happenswhen Narayan himself reaches short while after the letter. 

BAHAS KAREIN tells, when there’s nothing else to do “let’s argue”. Lajwanti is bored of their routine life and wants to spice it up by speaking her heart out. The argument starts in the supervision of Narayan.

In KHOJ LAGAYEIN, Kishore tries to be Sherlock Holmes and find out who stole out some weird things from their house. The amusing thief enters and explains himself, leaving everyone spell bounded.

In TAASH KHELEIN Lajwanti wants to play cards and demands explanation of every single rule. Story takes turn when Narayan also comes up to show a trick of cards. Will Kishore be able to explain anything to her or does he have other plans on his mind.

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