Rustic Reveries Of Bollywood - Art Exhibition

Rustic Reveries Of Bollywood - Art Exhibition


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Art Konsult presents Rustic Reveries of Bollywood - a solo exhibition by Vinita Dasgupta.

The visual images of actors of Hindi cinema and others that helped in the construction of our cultural, social and national identities, these films made in Bombay (now Mumbai) are not mere portrayals of a popular genre but of our cultural icons that cut across regional and national boundaries resulting in a new class of popular cultic, eclectic and visual imagery of an invented nation. Posters of popular films that are crucially located in the terrain of culture that the nation, as an imagined community in these spaces, is most powerfully articulated into existence. The significance of Bombay's cinematic idiom, from this perspective, lies in the fact that it represents the hegemonic vocabulary of cultural terrain in India and Vinita Dasgupta's present series 'Mumbai Meri Jaan's exactly seizes that enticing space. Today in social science practices, popular cinema is a particularly potent political and cultural document, thus crystallizing a new area of discipline. The audiovisual cuts across barriers of language, class, culture, region in highly diverse societies. Cultural theorists interrogate the cinema while being in dialogue with India as illusion supplier - because India, in its own self- imaging, has given a prominent place to reflection as fantasy as the root of desire and agency which, in giving itself illusions and realities, ultimately becoming the signifier of such sites in the public space.'

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