Running Basics with The Cookie Runner

Running Basics with The Cookie Runner


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About The Event

 The best way to learn how to run is with a running coach.

Running is a great way to stay fit and what it takes is a comfortable pair of shoes. Though it is a primal format, it offers a slew of benefits like amping-up your overall health, to improved mental focus and sleep. In this class we focus on the beginner program that is focused on basics and training for 5K.

Join Ankita Gaur (a.k.a The Cookie Runner) as she takes you through the basics of running. Ankita is the captain of the Adidas Runners Club, a running coach at Cult and a qualifier at the Boston Marathon. She's definitely the best to take you through the basics of Running.

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9:45 PM - Assembly at Lavonne
9:45- 10:00 PM- Warm Up and Basic Stretching
10-10:30 PM - 30 min easy run with form correction
10:30-10:45 PM- Cool Down

1. Running Form Correction and Breathing Technique
2. Engage with Ankita and clarify all your questions pertaining to fitness and running
3. Meet Altsoul's community of runners.

What to Carry:

1. Sweat Wicking clothes.
2. A bottle of water will be provided at the event by Altsoul.

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