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Runathon of Hope 2014


About The Event

Runathon of Hope is a "Half Marathon" recognized as a State Level Event, by the Maharashtra Athletic Association. This is the fourth consecutive year of organizing this event. The race route is a highly visible road track in PCMC area which is one of the largest and fastest growing Industrial, Educational and Residential suburbs in our country. 

The event is the biggest of its kind in this area, attracting participation from schools & Industries of about 10000 persons and & a similar number of spectators. 

There are various categories of races suitable for each age group & includes a Charity Run for the Corporate participants. 

This event is an excellent CSR activity for any company. The idea Win-Win for both the company and Rotary because:

1.The event is seen and widely publicized in all media such as TV, radio, hoardings, internet etc. giving great visibility and positive advertisement to the sponsor organization

2.The event itself is a CSR activity as it promotes health consciousness in society and encourages sports talent from school children from poor strata of the society (prizes, free t-shirts, recognition etc)

3.The money generated after deducting event cost (about 40 to 50%) is again used by transparently for CSR projects

4.The projects are selected and vetted and standardized by experienced Rotarians from respective fields

5.Only projects which involve demonstrable and verifiable use of money are chosen

6.The projects are executed by a team of dedicated Rotarians ( the sponsor may also participate in the same)

7.The sponsor may direct the execution of a project of its own choice

8.The sponsor may also direct the area / location where the project is to be executed

9.The sponsor may choose to put its name on the project along-with that of Rotary and publicise the execution of the project

10.Sponsor gets benefit in Income Tax under section 80G


Objectives of Runathon of Hope:

The object of holding the half marathon The Runathon of Hope, is to raise funds for various community service projects. The fund raising model adapted is such that the donors may direct the use of funds donated by them to execute a number of well-conceived, socially useful projects which involve demonstrable and transparent use of money. 

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