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About The Event

 Rubaroo literally translates to "Face to Face".  

Well we are living an occupied and busy life where there is hardly any space to sit with ourselves. And that you see creates all the mess. We go on building through this long communication gap with ourselves, creating differences everyday. We think of everything but hardly of ourselves. There is always a suffocation, an urge to look within, reflect, and speak up. 

At Join the Dots, we do it in a group. A personal experience in a journey together is our way of doing it. Typically in a small group of about 10-15 people. We believe in unwinding the inner potential of every individual through a series of activities, workshops and outbound experiences.

Join the Dots is a pause, a break from the rush of your obligations, studies, jobs, and everything that doesn't let you stop.

We think, we talk, we listen, we write and we re-think. Rubaroo helps you understand certain subtle aspects of life that we usually neglect with the pace. The 2 hour session brings your attention to what you want from life, contrary to what usually happens, that life takes control. 

We carefully design the session with a lot of activities that help you look within and understand what is it that you want.

Though Rubaroo has a rough structure that it unfolds in, it opens up doors to seeking and exploration. Unlike many such workshops, we don't offer you a ready made solution or instructions to get somewhere. There is no mentor, no recipe here. We believe you are the answer to every problem. And we just facilitate.

Rubaroo can be a breakthrough in many cases. So we highly RECOMMEND it to you. This can be your chance to MEET YOURSELF.

All of this very nicely complimented by relishing simple moments in time. For you see, today you are! And that is truer than the truth.

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