Roundtable On Developing Capacities To Tackle Chronic Diseases

Roundtable On Developing Capacities To Tackle Chronic Diseases


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We are pleased to inform you that FICCI is organizing a roundtable supported by India Health Progress on “Developing Capacities to Tackle Chronic Diseases” at FICCI Federation House.

The burden of non-communicable diseases in India is expected to double to 57% by the year 2020 up from just 29% in 1990. Chronic diseases have emerged as the leading cause of mortality world-wide and their impact is expected to grow especially in a young country like India. The key changes have been the emergence of lifestyle-related diseases due to sedentary lifestyles and diseases like Diabetes, cardiac ailments etc. In fact, India has now been classified as the Diabetes capital of the world.

There is therefore a growing need to focus on Chronic Diseases through prevention, insurance cover and other strategies to tackle the growing peril. FICCI has even recommended the Planning Commission to make “Preventive Healthcare” as the theme during the formulation of the XIIth five year plan. The roundtable will focus on our planning to deal with the growing menace of chronic diseases including affordable disease management solutions, widening of the insurance net to cover chronic ailments and drugs for treatment. Special focus is sought on diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

We have invited Dr Ashok Kumar Walia, Minister, Health & Revenue, Government of NCT of Delhi to present the ‘Government Perspective’ at the event. In view of your association and interest in the Health and Health Insurance Sector, we invite you to kindly join us for the Roundtable.

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