Roboversity Gesture Based Robotics Workshop

Roboversity Gesture Based Robotics Workshop


About The Event

Gesture Based Robotics deals with robots that work based on inputs from accelerometer sensor and are controlled by programmed microcontrollers. Our workshop helps participants understand the concepts and use of accelerometer sensor, microcontrollers, microcontroller programming in designing a gesture based robot.

Highlights of the Workshop

Understanding the working of accelerometer sensor and signal processing
Understanding the structure and programming of microcontrollers
Hands-on experience for participant with DC motors,  microcontrollers,  sensors, accelerometer, etc.
Design and Development of Gesture Based Robots
Encourages participants to think and come up with new designs
Online Examination and certificate with score


Workshop Details

Workshop duration: 2 daysWorkshop Structure
Understanding Gesture Based Robotics and accelerometer sensor - Duratiion 4 hours
Designing the Robot - Duration 2 hours
Fabricating the Robot - Duration 3 hours
Programming the Robot - Duration 3 hours
Demonstration of the Robots - Duration 3 hours

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