Robotics Summer Camp for students (8-16) Years of age

Robotics Summer Camp for students (8-16) Years of age



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About The Event



ROBOX is a self paced experiential learning package which helps the students to work on STEM concepts through practical, hands on and experiential approach. ROBOX helps in building the robots of your own designs. Learning through robotics provides a unique combination of the pillars of STEM: science, technology, engineering and mathematics.


Robox for Students:-


  1. Build Robots of your own design.
  2. Learn programming through 3D video game like simulator.
  3. Generates interest in Science, Mathematics and programming Subjects.
  4. Makes Students enthusiast and imaginative learner.
  5. Certificate with unique Id.
  6. Polished Interpersonal Skills.

Things You Take Away From ROBOX:-

1. Makes one an active learner, strengthens research and problem solving skills, develops logical and analytical abilities, helps in differentiating theoretical studies with practical intelligence and explore new technologies and know the advances in technology.


2. Improves Interpersonal skills, team coordination, presentation skill and communication through execution of projects in group.Helps in understanding programming in a much easier way.


3. Helps in inculcating new teaching methodologies, strengthen the quality of STEM education.Helps in improving digital equity and economic development.Practical way of learning through robotics.


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