Robotics Mania Is Back With Robomania Winter Camps Jan 2012

Robotics Mania Is Back With Robomania Winter Camps Jan 2012


About The Event


After a successful Summer Camp in May 2011, Robomania is back again this Winter. Robomania is all set to heat up the winter chill with Robotronics Soccer Mania Robotics Workshops Based on the Robotronics LITE Multi-Model kit. Robotics can be a very interesting way to introduce concepts of Science, Maths and Computer Science with the young engineers.

Robomania™ is a series of workshops designed to make learning more exciting and fun. In these workshops, you not only learn to make actual working robots, but also apply concepts of Mathematics and Science. Robomania is a Robotics curriculum designed on the BuLo™ Robotronics Kit by Building Blocks. In this program, participants create different kind of Robotic models ranging from an Object Lifting Crane to line sensing moving robot to a Bulldozer.

Who can join

You can join our workshops if you are:

* Above 8 years old
* Love /Hate Science and Mathematics
* Find your way of learning very boring
* Are always interested in creating new things!

Inside Robomania
In the Robomania sessions, the participants not only learn how to design and program robots but also develop an understanding in the following subjects:


* Science: Designing Simple and Complex Machines, Motion, Force, Acceleration, Pulleys, Transmission of Motion etc.
* Technology: Programming, Working of Circuits, Basics of Electronics.

* Mathematics: Measuring Time and Distance, Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying, Dividing, Estimating, Randomness, Using Variables.


* Imagination & Creativity
* Fine Motor Skills & Hand Eye Coordination
* Problem Solving and Team Skills

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