RoboGuru Global Coding Challenge -2017

RoboGuru Global Coding Challenge -2017


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About The Event

Roboguru Global Coding Challenge (RGCC) is an annual online programming contest for the students of any age, to compete against each other, on coding, logical and problem-solving skills. Coding is an essential life skill for the next generation. The event is to bring awareness of coding at a larger scale worldwide.Also, RGCC is a continuous motivation for the students to learn and compete continuously.


Students compete on RoboGuru Software. If a student already owns a RoboGuru, he/she can directly register free by entering the license key of RoboGuru, if not they can pay and enrol for the competition. As a part of this enrollment, the student will be provided with a RoboGuru downloadable copy, license Key and a free ticket to the RGCC.RGCC is a knockout and theme based competition conducted on weekly basis, over a span of the month. Each student registered will go through an appropriate number of levels on the road to the final in June 2017. All students will be informed about the theme and dates of knockout level through email communication.

Prizes -

TOP 10

The Top 10 Students get international internships in USA and Singapore from top universities.


TOP 100

The Top 100 Students will be provided with ROBOX kits. 
(Please go to


TOP 500

The Top 500 Students will be provided with RoboGuru Global Online Challenge Merchandize.


TOP 1000

The Top 1000 Students will be provided with Online "Certificate of Excellence on Coding".


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