Book Online Tickets for Richard Bandlers 7-Day License NLP Pract, Mumbai. When does late become too late in life? The border is too thin to ignore... missed all early bird discounts. Luckily, you have NOT missed the event!!
Is any amount more valueable than lost time, lost opportunities and a u

Richard Bandlers 7-Day License NLP Practitioner (weekend) Workshop


  • Licensed NLP Practitioner workshop

    7-Day, Licensed NLP Practitioner workshop

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About The Event

When does late become too late in life? The border is too thin to ignore... missed all early bird discounts. Luckily, you have NOT missed the event!!

Is any amount more valueable than lost time, lost opportunities and a unique

chance to transform your life?


T   H   I   N   K !!




Changeworx Consulting and Dr. Richard Bandler (Society of Neuro Linguistics Programming) announce the

7-day Licensed Neuro Linguistics Programming (NLP) Practitioner program in Mumbai

An intensive workshop for those who want to (i) transform their lives from fears, limiting beliefs and years of negativity to positive abundance, (ii) make NLP a career choice as a therapist, (iii) use NLP in their profession; trainers, teachers, doctors and Corporate executives.


A wide assortment of cognitive, hypnotic processes and incredibly powerful language patterns mixed together into a breathtaking myriad of colorful techniques guaranteed to refurbish your life with jaw-dropping learnings on how to induce therapeutic changes in others.


Why THIS PROGRAM IS UNIQUE compared to CERTIFIED NLP Practitioner Programs?

  1. No self-certification by your trainer. Get internationally recognized certificate SIGNED by Dr Richard Bandler the co-founder of NLP, in a format strictly approved by the Society of NLP.
  2. Lowest fees in India for the ‘Licensed’ NLP Practitioner course!!  Excellent Value for Money.
  3. Official Licensed Contract with Dr. Bandler and The Society of NLP to practice and use techniques in your profession.
  4. Once in a blue moon, weekend program.
  5. Because YOU owe it to your life, career and success!!

What does this program have for me?


A very rare Weekend Workshop that comfortably sits alongside your work schedule.


Book before 18th Jan at Rs. 30,500/- only [Offer Expired]

Book from 19th Jan upto 15th Feb at Rs. 37,000/- only [Offer Expired]

Book from 16th Feb upto 8th March at Rs. 44,000/- only [Offer Expired]

Book after 8th March (and grab the first opportunity to change your career and life) at Rs. 48,000/- only


Course Dates: March 28 – 29, April 11 – 12 and April 24, 25 and 26 2015 at Andheri, Mumbai

More about us:



Amit Pathak is an internationally known Licensed NLP Trainer, Certified Hypnotherapist with over a decade of deep research in the field of applied psychology, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, IEMT, TFT and other related sciences. Associated with the topmost names in this field, he is the only Licensed NLP Trainer in entire western, central and southern India.


He has designed new techniques and processes that are NOT taught in any NLP course anywhere in the world. For example: his unique processes to work with people with ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder), has generated dramatic improvements in weeks, what used to take months to happen by traditional methods. His mastery in Second-Person Hypnosis technique is known to just handful of people globally.


A Bachelor of Engineering (1st Class) as well as MBA (1st Class) from prestigious and reputed institutions.





I am impressed with Amit’s depth of knowledge. His techniques are different results are awesome!! Long lasting changes that takes your life to the next level.

Penny Bryce, USA


Amit’s depth of knowledge, especially, practical applications in life is awesome! HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

I particularly recall his workshop on Language Patterns that got me thinking about the words I choose to talk with myself and others. The POWER of HYPNOTIC LANGUAGE. Cool.

Robin Hytas

Finance Businessman


I found this workshop to be useful beyond my imagination. I find tremendous potential in the technology that Amit demonstrated because the applications of it look to be vast. You can influence someone without much effort. (I only worry how easy it is to even manipulate people)

Anil Mohite, Senior Team Lead

IT Company


I attend one of your workshops in Birmingham last Feb. You were absolutely brilliant !! I was surprised that you managed in a short time to help me resolve an issue I was struggling with since my childhood – and now its no longer there. How did you do it ? Unbelievable…you are a magician.

Eleeza Jones

Award Winning screeplay writer and author.


I have been attending NLP Seminars and talks since 1997 and your course is definitely the best I have attended. I cannot fault your expertise, effort and knowledge in your training delivery. The course was packed with more content than I thought possible. You really are first class.

Tracey Hoad

Counsellor, London, UK


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