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The RFC Global Series currently includes events in Italy, Russia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Tunisia, China and Australia. Its time now for Indian off-roaders to join the ranks of the world 4X4 community and upgrade the skills of man and machine with real live action and learning. RFC India will kick-start in Goa in August 2014 during the south west monsoons and more than 50 Indian and foreign participants are expected to participate.


With Special Stages validated by experts from RFC International, RFC India will be a test of how well Indian off-roaders are able to stand the unpredictable jungles amid perpetually wet conditions without losing their cool and positive frame of mind and live up to the standards that have been set by RFC champions globally.





8 Aug Friday Scrutiny & briefing
9 Aug Saturday Opening Ceremony, Prologue SS
10 Aug Sunday Prologue SS Continues; transport to camp 1
11 Aug Monday Predator camp with SS; transport to camp 2
12 Aug Tuesday Rest & recuperation; Terminator camp with SS
13 Aug Wednesday Thriller in the Twilight Zone
14 Aug  Thursday Twilight Zone Ends, Closing Ceremony & Prize Distribution




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