Revelation to perform LIVE at Inorbit Mall, Cyberabad

Revelation to perform LIVE at Inorbit Mall, Cyberabad


About The Event

Inorbit Mall, Cyberabad is always buzzing with activities and events. For rock disciples, a stirring 6 member rap-rock band, Revelation, will perform LIVE at Inorbit Mall, Cyberabad on 15th February 2013.


The entire band shaped up around a year ago in 2012 and ever since has been experimenting with rock music. They play mostly Rock, Rap, Hip-Hop and their major compositions are inspired by Linking Park. As a band, they have participated in many college rock festivals in Hyderabad like St.Mary’s college and Osmania Univeristy. Since their first performance, Revelation has managed to create a thrill through their music in front of the audience with full oomph and excitement!!!


The band members consists of highly versatile and talented musicians like Tenny Blaze (Bass/Electric Guitarist),Flint (Manager of acoustic/vocals), Lolo (Rapper), Kalyan Das (Electric guitarist/vocalist),Akhilesh(Rapper),and Kunal (drummer/vocalist), with each individual carrying a forte of the music they play. The band has made a name for itself having developed its own style and has generated a huge fan base across Hyderabad


Come and be a part of this musical extravaganza with ‘Revelationas they perform LIVE at Inorbit Mall, Cyberabad on Friday, February 15, 2013.


About Live at Inorbit

This fortnightly activity is a one of its kind opportunity for the local community as well as experienced artistes to show their talent. Live At Inorbit is not only about enjoyment but also about a display of a diverse range of talents - from musicians, dancers, theatre group performers, stand-up comedians to mimicry artists. The performers’ area is demarcated in the mall as the ‘Live at Inorbit’ zone.


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