Re-think, what makes you different: Pitch Yourself

Re-think, what makes you different: Pitch Yourself


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This unique workshop serves as a catalyst and an eye-opener for nurturing the latest self marketing ideas concepts.The workshop highlights the unmet and unexplored need for a formalised training on Self Marketing, as it is one of the most important business requirements in todays era of Relationship lead Sales. The India growth story has continued to be intact amidst clouds of recession hovering all around. If this growth has to continue, we need effective Relationship Managers and not just Sales teams. As we know Relationships start only after the first meeting, Sales happens much later! At the end of the session you can expect to identify how you are different and exhibit a confident approach to get that first meeting, impress upon the stakeholders and build a strong foundation for a fruitful relationship with your clients. Pitch Yourself and Effective Self Marketing satisfy a major industry need to build an excellent and confident sales relationship manager within you. This also encourages companies to invest in their teams self development and set a long term vision for their career that motivates them to work even better. Pitch Yourself is derived from concepts and case-study based research conducted across different companies shared by Bill as well as our esteemed panel of speakers. Also to further add flavor to the workshop, Bill would use testimonies of Indian companies; which is a rarity with an International speaker. Reflect to learn about what makes you, you Understand what differentiates you from the others Learn how to Effectively Market Yourself Understand how to Make a Personal Impact Demonstrate your Authenticity This Workshop will create the building blocks for a personal marketing strategy and will transform the way you sell yourself through a radical and fundamental re-think of what makes you different.

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