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• Experience how to run a Retail Business without risking any money?• It provides an environment for your executives to apply their theoretical knowledge in a realistic retail world and learn

Retail Business Game


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About The Event

What does Retail Business Game do for you?

• Experience how to run a Retail Business without risking any money?
• It provides an environment for your executives to apply their theoretical knowledge in a realistic retail world and learn business by doing business.
• Executives try out strategies, market analysis, customer analysis, merchandising analysis, financial analysis, negotiate with suppliers, understand competition and learn how financial decisions are made?
• Barriers in Business are broken down and employees will learn to communicate effectively make decisions as a team that makes the Business Profitable.


How does Retail Business Game work?

Retail Business Game is an imitation of a real-life Retail Business scenario. Executives take on leadership role of an established Retail Business, the simulation facilitates a greater understanding of financial impact on merchandise planning, allocation, pricing, competition analysis, human resources, manage vendors, manage supply chain and Inventory issues, they will use their knowledge to complete tasks and learn new skills, especially financial knowledge that will help them understand how each action impacts the financial situation in the Business.

They learn to analyze market data, make Business development plans, make Strategy and execute the strategy and tactics. Retail Business is changing and change is inevitable, it is fast-paced and the intensity has increased, all executives are very busy with their departments such as Sales and Operations, Buying and Merchandising, Human Resources, Marketing, Business Development, Supply Chain and logistics, IT and Finance. Retail Business Game aligns all departments together for a focused Business objective, i.e. to make the Business Profitable.

During the Board Game Simulation, each Team Member assumes an area of responsibility:

• HR and L&D Manager
• Marketing Manager
• Brand Manager
• Category Manager
• Business Development Manager
• Projects Manager

Participants will use the Board Game, Work Book, Excel sheets and Videos and learn:

• Sales Budgeting
• Ratios
• KPI’s
• Pricing (other AGI templates add is BM and Category Manager Game)
• Competition
• Profit and Loss Statement
• Balance Sheet
• Balanced Scorecard
• Strategic Profit Model

Organizations success depends upon the success of their skilled people, who can learn and adapt, be creative and responsive to changing needs of the business, Retail Business Game is a board game that brings gaming elements such as Fun, cooperation, competition, challenge, rewards. Executives are emotionally drawn and motivated to take action in their jobs by using the new skills and knowledge learned. The Retail Business Game provides an excellent opportunity for Executives to enhance their Leadership skills and decision-making abilities.



• Flight Simulator is for Pilots, we have made Retail Business Game as a Flight Simulator to make your Key Personnel FLY your business to new heights.
• Business needs decisions, not collecting data and not taking ownership of the business, your executives will think and act like an owner and will learn business acumen.
• Speed up business management, manage change, improve sales and improve customer service.
• ROI is very high as learning sticks employees learn 4 times faster this is Accelerated learning, the decision making process creates a sustainable future.
• Quantifiable results, immediate feedback, they discover learning themselves, a lot of aha moments, ok, now I get it since the training radar is off, this causes them to learn more, new behaviors, know more and do more with that knowledge.


Why Use a Simulation Game from Retail Skills training?

• Retail Skills Training is a world business leader in Simulations and Board Games for the Retail Industry
• We provide relevant and entertaining experience, models of researched models of interaction are carefully prepared and this simulated course is the best and cost-effective learning tool.
• You and your organization can innovate, adapt, and learn from business simulations and grow faster.
• Participants learn how to Think Finance and translate performance into financial terms.
• Course places are limited to allow for Individual trainer attention.
• Retail Business Game is based on research and proper methodology, what Retail Business does in their day to function and you will learn experiential learning system which delivers 4 times higher learning than lecture-based training methods.

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