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Responsible Child Care


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About The Event

This program focuses on experiential learning. Participants will learn and practice skills during this program and subsequently use the skills with children.

Participants would spend majority of their time on how to use the skills with children. There are main instructional tools used in this program...
first, the Common Sense Parenting textbook, description of parenting skills.
second, the narrated DVDs include examples of correct and incorrect use of the skills....and participants would only get the skill cards, which would be useful for them in future.
.Participants would be awarded completion certificates once they complete all seven sessions of Responsible Child Care course. The duration of this course for all the seven sessions is 14 hours.

Session 1:Parents and Childcare providers as teachers
1.Effective Discipline
3.How can we change Bahavior.

Session 2:Effective Praise
1.Responding to your children when they do well

Session 3:Preventive Teaching
1.Setting your children up for success by clearly explaining expectations ahead of time.

Session 4:Corrective Teaching
1.Responding to your children's problem behaviors.

Session 5:Teaching self Control
1.Responding calmly to your children when they are arguing, yelling, or clearly unwilling to do what you have asked

Session 6:Putting it All Together
1.Reviewing the skills and providing additional practice.
2.Developing a plan for using all of the Common Sense Parenting Skills and demonstrating how and when to use the skills.

Session 7: Reproductive Course

Introducing parents and child care givers on how and what to teach children about reproductive health and sensitize them on various issues related to sex education.

Responsible Child Care is designed as a practical approach to help parents and childcare providers be more positive with their children and to use more effective discipline and are taught skills that help them encourage positive behaviour, discourage negative behaviour and teach alternatives to problem behaviour. The Program focuses on experiential learning with five training components- instruction, modelling, practice, feedback and review. There is also a narrative DVD as instructional tool which includes various examples of correct and incorrect use of skills by participants.
This program has shown benefits for parents and childcare providers from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds, various socio-economic groups and individuals also having history of neglect and problematic behaviour.
The program trains individuals to teach
• on Children to be more responsible.
• Decrease and prevent problem Behaviors in children.
• Effectively increase positive behaviors in children.
• How to communicate their expectations more clearly.
• Express their feeling in positive ways.
This workshop will prove parenting, teaching and Child care rewarding.

This Course is conducted once in a week for seven continuous weeks. 

Course Fee for all seven weeks with mentoring consultation once after the course completion is INR 7000/- (including a RCC text book)

About the Facilitator:
Aparna Sharma is very passionate about facilitating people in finding their prospective awareness. Her years of experience in working with reputed International NGOs’ gave her colossal power of understanding and path to pursue her passion. Her hands on experience in intuitive counselling and interactive learning workshops she conducted for many years of her career speaks volumes of life changing experience for many age groups. 

Aparna Sharma a Life Coach is certified facilitator and Parenting Coach from Love Humanity International, USA. She has also done Global accreditation in EFT, matrix Re-imprinting from Vitality Living College, UK and also a NLP

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