Reprogram Your Mind Workshop

Reprogram Your Mind Workshop


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About The Event


Highlights of the workshop:


1. Identification Process - To identify the root cause of the negative beliefs, patterns and impressions which are stunting your growth.

2. Elimination Process - Guided Meditation that will take you through a journey in space and time of your specific impressions. This process involves termination of stubborn, sticky thoughts and emotional baggage.

3. Letting Go Process - This involves letting go without judging or attaching yourself to the negative patterns and belief systems.

4. Allowing Divine Universal Grace - Techniques to allow divine grace to flow through your system and get absorbed in your parasympathetic nervous system and glands.

5. Redesign Your Destiny - Your physical, mental and emotional body is cleansed, energized and stabilized. It is time to put this in practise & excel.

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