Rene Mey healing technique workshoo

Rene Mey healing technique workshoo


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About The Event

RENE MEY healing technique is easy to learn and implement and the results are amazing. Learn and help yourself, your family, friends and others heal.


Three methods taught are the follows:


Cell Regeneration Therapy 


It is a technique that stimulates the neurons of the spinal cord, there are different energies within it, one takes the energy of life and another the electromagnetic energy, these two energies capture another even more fine giving the body incredible energy, thanks to this organs are ready and prepared to fight against any health problem, thus achieving the regeneration of the cells.


Therapy helps to heal any disease mainly caused by emotions such as pain, stress, depression, insomnia, anxiety, hypertension, colitis and even chronic degenerative diseases. 


With therapies you begin to stimulate the nervous system, through small touches in the spine.

René explains that our cells are born healthy, perfect, but due to the stress in which we live and the lack of love, they degenerate and die, which causes illness, depression, etc. 

The basis of therapy is the intention to help the other, and through gentle touches transmit the emotion of love, therefore upon receiving therapy, it achieves regeneration of the cells and a great improvement in the health of the person both physical and emotional. 


 Cellular Expression Therapy 


It stimulates the cell directly in the precise place of the problem, in this way an energy comes out of the same cell, combating the problem, the stimulus goes directly to the energy centers that we have in the body, the results are almost immediate and allows the people have better health

Cellular Expression therapy is a technique whose main function is to re-organize the metabolic energy of the body through gentle touches in the energy centers of the body, energy effectively returns to its center and is concentrated to be administered and distributed smart way.

The therapy promotes the body's optimal energy function, integrated well-being and a sense of peace. 


RM Technique


Works on the endocrine and the lymphatic system to remind you of the most harmonious and balance between the systems


DATE : 24th SEPTEMBER 2017

Place: Parsvnath Exotica

Time: 9:30am to 2pm

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