Rendezvous 2013

Rendezvous 2013


About The Event

Rendezvous is the annual cultural festival of IIT Delhi; an amalgamation of art, activities and attractions.It is a four day long event held at the end of October every year. It draws a footfall of about 30,000 from more than 300 colleges across the country. Started in 1976 by a bunch of enthusiastic IITians, now in its 37th edition, it has become the largest festival of its kind in Northern India.

It isn't everyday that you get to feel the exhilaration of a heated competition of the best dance groups of the country or the most talented rock bands. It is not everyday you meet your favorite contemporary performers. It is not everyday that you meet the most celebrated people from the entertainment industry. It is not everyday that you have a Rendezvous with yourself.

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