Relationships Counselling

Relationships Counselling


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Desires lead us to relationships, however when the passion fades away we feel suffocated and hopeless. When your heart is not at peace, your mind too is unstable which results into error of judgement, decision and actions. There is no human being on this planet who has not gone thru a difficult time in relationships but one who are able to stay cool and think logically have been able to see through the rough patch and be happy again.


I am no psychologist, but a simple human being who strives to understand your pain and assist you to overcome the challenge thru logical thinking arrived at by good discussion sessions. I believe, most of the people crave for someone who could atleast patiently listen to them as it makes them feel valued and cared. Many a times such listners are hard to find and at the sametime we also are hesitant to share it in family for our own reasons.


So, if you are looking for such a support... feel free to book your appointment now by email or call on 8805988387. 


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