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    You too can have a Healing Touch Reiki is one of the Simplest, Hands on Healing Technique for better Health, Wealth, Emotional Balance Spiritual Evolution. Along with many add on benefits. You could now become a REIKI Channel through our upcoming One Day Reiki Workshop on 18th April 2015.

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About The Event

Reiki = Rei + Ki meaning Universal Life Force. Reiki was revived in Japan after being lost from the planet by Dr. Mikao Usui. 

Finding its origin in Budddhisim from "Tantra of Life", Reiki is a simple, effective Hands on Healing Technique.

During the Reiki Attunement Process the Reiki Teacher opens up the Upper Four Chakras known to be our Universal Connection and thus enabling Reiki to Flow through the Channel.

Reiki has numerous Healing effects and could be used for speeding up Healing, Recovery, Emotional Healing, for Manifestation, Spiritual Growth to name few.

In this Full Day Reiki Workshop, the participants would be attuned in Reiki enabling them to be Reiki Channels, would be explained the History,Science & Concept of Reiki, the Do's & Don'ts, the Five Principles, Demonstration of Full Body Technique for Giving or Receiving Reiki.

Once Attuned in Reiki you become the Reiki Channel for the rest of your Life.

About the Teacher
Megha Dinesh attracted Reiki in her life 13 Years back due to her own Challenges. The Daily practice & the Trust in Reiki changed her life magnificently for her better Good. Reiki has been the part of her lifestyle and she embraces it as one of the Best Gift Universe has brought in her life!

The Energy Exchange is Rs. 3500.
Call 78930-88339 to enquire more.

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