Regression and PLR Session With Neeta S Kumar

Regression and PLR Session With Neeta S Kumar


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About The Event


Regression is discovering and reliving earlier experiences that have caused present complaints and conditions. When scene or memories from past life emerge, regression becomes past life regression therapy. Reliving is used to get to forgotten, ignored or repressed experiences that are bothering people and also to reactivate positive feelings, forgotten positive experiences and sleeping talents. Forgotten experiences contain emotional wounds that never healed or triggered persistent/ half-conscious convictions. Such programs ('character traits') only change when we understand how they were caused and why we have held on to them. Finding and reliving undigested experiences unlock emotions and bring insight into how present complaints have their roots in those experiences. People may experience their birth or the prenatal time in the womb. Many experience what seem to be past lifetimes and memories. Sessions with mothers may heal babies. Spiritual experiences are not uncommon. Regression therapy is clearly transpersonal psychotherapy including both current life regression and past life regression.

The webinar will also be of special interest to anyone considering therapy or being trained in this area. There are limited places so register early.

We are starting with a series on Food Intolerance faced by many people. The first in the series is on MILK Intolerance. During one hour session we will

1. Identify the cause of milk intolerance.

2. Bring insights into Karmic and Soul lessons.

3. Followed by sharing experiences.


No preparation except intention to find the cause of the issue is required.

If you experience a NET CONNECTION DROPOUT during the regression session, please do try to connect back — if not just keep lying down and continue to RECEIVE for the next 30 minutes.

Webinar Link will be send after the fee payment is made.

Energy Exchange: Rs. 500

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