Discussing Pluralities/ Marginalities in Contemporary Indian Art

Discussing Pluralities/ Marginalities in Contemporary Indian Art


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About The Event

While Indian art history has incessantly discussed and recorded art as a unifying and universal phenomenon, recent academic scholarship in New Art history has been trying to understand distinctions of schools , cultures and visual languages that seem to assert identities of various kinds, be it of culture, gender, caste, class etc. Art schools located in various regions have produced numerous art forms and genres during different periods with diverse ideological implications, infused with their local or regional influences.

For instance, Madras school in the 1960’s produced ‘Abstraction’ inspired from Indian philosophy or Baroda school produced the ‘Baroda Narrative Figurative’ etc where a ‘place for the people’ and narratives of everydayness became an art movement . Where as, in the newly formed state of Telangana, attempts to understand ‘Telangana’ genre of art pioneered by artists like Laxma Goud, T.Vaikuntam, Laxman Aelay and few others talk about socio-cultural identity of the Telangana people has gained renewed interest due to the Telangana movement and the region’s unique visual culture. The panel may try to open up a discussion on whether art is universal that has no boundaries , no specificities? or Can art be specific and culturally defined? Can art talk about regional or cultural specificities/ identities or marginalities related to gender, caste, class etc? Panelists:

  • Jayram Poduval
  • Anand Gadapa
  • Rahul Bhattacharya
  • Anshuman Dasgupta
  • Susie Tharu

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