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About The Event

If you struggle to fight against daily stress so as to live a more fulfilling and peaceful life

then this is for you.


Discover and Learn simple yet highly effective stress bursting tactics from Stress Management Expert Prachi Deshpande and Award-winning actress Sonalee Kulkarni.


So that you enjoy a more satisfying personal and professional life.


Dear Friends,

Do you know your ability to deal with stress has a direct impact on your

personal and professional life?

In fact, all of us face stress.  Problem is, not all of us know how to cut-off that

ugly feeling.  You see, neither our parents nor our teachers, no one ever taught us

how to really really deal with it.


So we succumb to stress. Lose our mind and body to it and like a terrible weed let it suck our life juices leading to a weak body and horrible habits. Perhaps that’s why diseases like high blood pressure, heart problems, headaches, diabetes, skin conditions, depression, and anxiety are alarmingly common.

However, if you would like to fix this problem and easily drift back to a Relaxed State, this three hour event is right for you.

REGAIN Inner Peace, a power-packed workshop where you will find numerous tips, techniques and practical advices to evaporate Stress.


                                                              Unique event

So sit back, relax and experience how Guided Meditation, Reiki healing, Music therapy and scientifically designed activities will work with full force to Regain your Inner Peace. And if you need a good dose of inspiration Sonalee Kulkarni is going share with you her interesting and motivational life story. And will also share her diet and fitness secrets.

Certainly the event is going to give you highly effective practical tips and techniques to kill everyday Stress. Using time tested and proven formulas, so that you won’t wait for life to be easy, but charge yourself up when it demands.

You would agree a Stress free life, is a reliable indicator of your well-being and has enormous impact on your Health, Self Esteem and both Personal and Professionals Relationships.

Imagine living a day without stress. And then another day and another… Isn’t it amazing?

And if you’re interested to learn the secrets, we urge you to register today.

Seats are filling fast and we don’t want you to miss it. 

The cost of the event is lesser then what you spend on a family dinner in a restaurant.

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