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Recommerce Expo 2019


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About The Event


India is changing and rapidly transforming itself to be a part of the Global Digital World. The Digital India campaign looks forward to get every village and grassroot level element of the eco-system to be a part of the Digital World. To do this we need cost-effective and budget oriented electronic products that would help propel this digitalization drive. Along with this, it is also essential to plan about the Electronic Waste as a result of rising Digital Infrastructure and Products everywhere.


Key Objectives of Recommerce 2019
  • Contribute towards the Government of India’s ‘Digital India’ campaign by promoting and facilitating cost-effective & budget oriented Electronic Products
  • Work towards managing and reducing the rising menace of Electronic Waste
  • To structure and organize the Refurbished Electronic Products sector and the Re-Commerce Industry in general


If there is anything that fits the bargain of providing cost-effective and budget oriented electronic products as well as address the rising menace of Electronic Waste, it is the silently growing billion dollar industry of ‘Recommerce’ – The Refurbished & Re-Used Electronic Products Market is re-structuring the Organized E-Commerce space by transforming & refurbishing electronic products for a brand new use.


Recommerce 2019 will be the first of its kind of platform in India bringing together the Vendors, Distributors, OEM’s, E-Commerce Players and Customers active in the Re-Use and Refurbished Products Segment. A 3 Day Exhibition along with a parallel 2 Day Conference will give a stage to trade, debate and discuss the existing challenges and chart-out the way ahead for this silently yet a fast-growing sector.

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3. Urdhva Management reserves the right to make changes to the Conference schedule including dates, times and location if circumstances dictate. Conference may be postponed or canceled only in circumstances of terrorism, war, extreme weather conditions and any other unforeseen event that occurs. The Urdhva Management team shall make commercially reasonable efforts to inform the Participating Company of any changes within a reasonable timeframe and only in possible circumstances. However, that in no event shall Urdhva Management or its employees, directors, managers and affiliates or agents be liable for any damages arising from such changes, circumstances or notice.

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5. The Registration fee includes access to the conference for the said duration, any documentation if any (soft and hard copy), lunch and refreshments for the duration, and the certificate (if mentioned). The fee does not include any travel costs, hotel accommodation, transfers, insurance and any other miscellaneous costs.

6. When Participating Company executes the registration, it will become binding on both the parties (Organizer and the Participating Company).Participating Company has rights to cancel the registration/s minimum 20 days prior to commencement of Conference by providing a written notice to Urdhva Management, provided, however, that Participating Company understands and agrees that such cancellation will be subject to a cancellation fee. The cancellation fee shall be in the amount of fifty percent (50%) of the Registration Fee (the “Cancellation Fee”) as liquidated damages and not as a penalty. In the event of cancelled registration/s, Urdhva Management shall refund to the Participating Company any fees if previously paid less the Cancellation Fee, if any, within 15 days of receipt of the cancellation notice. If Participating Company has not previously paid any fees to Urdhva Management, at the time of cancellation, Company shall pay to Urdhva Management an amount equal to the Cancellation Fee within 10 days receipt of an invoice therefore. Participating Company must provide notice of cancellation in writing to Urdhva Management. Cancellation Fees, if any, will be calculated on the date the notice of cancellation is received. Alternatively, In the case of a probable cancellation, the Participating Company can be granted a Credit Note in full towards the amount paid by the Participating Company. The Credit note will be valid for one year from the date of cancellation and can be redeemed towards any future training courses/workshops to the value of the Credit. In case of cancellation by Urdhva Management, refund of any fees previously paid by Participating Company will be made by Urdhva Management in full within 15 days post the cancellation.

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