Reclaim Your Inner-Potential

Reclaim Your Inner-Potential


About The Event

‘2 Days-Reclaim Your Inner-Potential’ is a workshop meant for you if your answers to these questions is a Yes! Here goes:

Do you express anger or irritation in a way that you later regret?

Do you have communication issues with the people you are closest to ( your parents, spouse, children)?

Do you think you would be better off without Insecurity, Anger, Worry, Fear or Guilt?

Do you feel you could be a better parent?

Do you mask your feelings to please your bosses, colleagues and family members?

Do you need to be in control at all times and find it difficult to delegate?

Do you find it hard to trust others or life situations?

Do you experience roadblocks without which you could be more successful?

In this 2 day workshop, discover & understand your hidden beliefs, release emotional energy that you are carrying and strengthen your relationships to be more effective in personal and professional life.


Life  Coaches and Inner-Transformation Facilitators:

Yoshita and Ashwini are seekers of Self-Mastery, who left successful corporate careers spanning decades to pursue their passion for Self-Growth. Deeply passionate about spiritual and self development practices, they believe that the power and positive effects of any kind of practice can multiply if we are able to release our hidden pain and let go of our past.


What Participants say about this Workshop:

"An amazing experience of my getting to know myself!!! Literally reclaiming my inner potential thru an interaction with my inner-self. The session helped me to identify, interact, unearth, introspect, appease and leverage some of my inner strengths. Made me a happier person showering unconditional love and compassion. Yoshita and Ashwini are the real gurus! Thank you Yoshita and Ashwini, you folks are exceptionally n absolutely awesome!!!" - Hanumant, Ex CEO of a Globally Leading and Large Multinational 

"You must take advantage. It is an awesome program with great outcomes and realizations and breakthroughs!!!" - Malvieka, Head HR India, Large Multinational Company

"Those two days of introspection are among the best days of my journey so far. It was a transformation, words fail to describe the feelings, emotions and happiness that I experienced. I felt wonderful about myself, about others, about God’s creation.  Thank you Ashwini & Yoshita!" Pankaj, Group Head, in a Leading Real Estate Company

"Kudos to Ashwini and Yoshita for doing such meaningful work. It is unimaginably powerful! Personally, I have found great reserves of strength & courage  through the workshop & my self-worth has increased  manifold. I highly  recommend this workshop to One and All.” - 500.Astha, Corporate Professional in a Fortune 

"Only after attending the workshop, did I see my truth…Not only it has made me at peace with myself but enabled me to break the patterns and be a much better Mom to my daughter. Ready to love and live for the first time ever.  -Shikha, Corporate Professional 

“Your approach in particular enables a self connect and an independence from within. There is a deeper understanding of self, people and circumstances. That is where it brings a significant change in really transforming our life.” - Rekha, Homemaker & Mother

"Thanks Yoshita and Ashwini for these two days which were truly amazing!! We all get so caught up in our so called "roles and responsibilities " that we shut are true inner self completely.  Please continue this beautiful work... Much needed for all!! - Konika, Senior Professional in an MNC

"Never ever I thought I was spiritual, or I could be ... Went through the workshop with Yoshita & Ashwini. Emotions and events blocked away in my subconscious mind came to surface.. Things that haunted me came in to light and I understood why... I am feeling connected to my inner child - my true self..Plz attend the workshop, its a life altering experience ... Don't miss" - Richa, Homemaker and a Mother.


With powerful, scientific and experiential processes based on the world-renowned practices of Inner-Child Healing, we can re-parent, renew and accept ourselves with unconditional love and unleash our true Inner-Potential.

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