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About The Event

For the first time in india, this one-day ‘Rational Spiritual Meet’ is a deeply informative, evidence based, initiative for modern day free thinkers and intellectual seekers to instill liberty, joy, peace, fulfilment and happiness towards fulfilment of life’s purpose.


This meet is a learning platform to a new rational operating system for your mind, body and life’s well-being.


‘Spirituality’ often is a subjective experience. Many finds hard to be comprehended by the logic or explain it in words since it is purely experiential.

This meet, tries to rationally demystify the myriad paths to spiritual subjective experiences, to a sense of awe and wonder at the very brink of our brief existence and to the known mysteries of life & consciousness.

The underworking of the mental processes related to the subjective experiences are explained intellectually and rationally.

‘Spirituality’ is no more a dedicated domain only for the ‘deeply religious’.

‘Spirituality’ is a normal human conscious experience which can be attained and explained on rational terms.


You will find why spirituality is a common phenomenon of humanity and why it is often owned and portrayed as a domain of the supernatural (or) woo-woo connotation, religions, evangelists and mystics.


The MEET will address the following spiritual facets in-depth in a verifiable Rational Mode.

a)      Demystifying ‘Spirituality’ - The real meaning of spirituality.

b)      Demystifying ‘Consciousness’ - The true meaning of consciousness.

c)      Demystifying Superstitions & Rationalism.

d)      A journey towards self-actualization.

e)       A guide to self-transcendence.

f)       Being spiritual through rational & non-dogmatic meditations – Understanding the rational mechanisms behind why meditation works.

g)      Optimizing human health & performance - Evidence based methodologies.

h)      Virtues for life-A delve into the beautiful philosophies of stoicism to install ultimate joy, fulfilment, peace & happiness in the modern day intellectual thinking mind.

i)        A definitive path to ‘Enlightenment’ by step by step Ego dissolution.


This meet is a concocted result of a decade of rational learning & gaining insight on philosophy, psychology, stoicism, various meditation and evidence based rationalism.


Come with an open mind-Install your life with fulfilment, purpose, joy and true happiness.


Who should attend?

  1. People who want to unleash their potential in business, relationships, happiness seeking and self-fulfilment.
  2. People who want to consciously create a change in this world and want to really change in their inner being.
  3. People who want to experience spiritual enlightenment, ultimate peace and joy of existence.
  4. Business leaders, Entrepreneurs, Employers, Students.
  5. People who want to discover their meaning of life & experience.
  6. People who are interested in Psychology, Philosophy, Stoicism, Free thinkers, Intellectuals & Spiritual seekers.

This program is NOT affiliated with any religion or religious concepts.

People of all faiths and belief systems can attend. The only prerequisite for attending this meet is to come with learning and open minded mentality.

Age limit of above 15years can attend.

Gift yourself a life of fulfilment, purpose, joy and true happiness.




Dr. A. Azariah Samuel., B.Pharm., M.Tech., MBA.,PGDFA., Ph.D., D.Litt., is a Technical Entrepreneur, life coach / professional speaker,  mentor, CEO & Managing Director of a technology organization.

He is expertized in knowledge transfer of scientific rationalism, skepticism, psychology, stoic philosophy, rational spirituality, meditation, self-transcendence and self-actualization. This meet is a learning platform & knowledge concoction of a decade of deep learning and spiritual seeking. He regularly mentors a community of Researchers, Elite Businessmen and Spiritual Seekers.

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