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 Why Most People Don’t Achieve the desired Financial Success:

Because they don’t know that their Root Chakra is responsible for their financial success. 
Because they don’t know how to strengthen t




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About The Event



 Why Most People Don’t Achieve the desired Financial Success:

  1. Because they don’t know that their Root Chakra is responsible for their financial success.
  2. Because they don’t know how to strengthen their root chakra
  3. Because they don’t know how their subconscious mind work
  4. Because they have wrong beliefs and wrong attitude towards money
  5. Because they don’t know the Ultimate Wealth Secrets


People who could understand these facts (Knowingly or Unknowingly) could create the fortune.


Those 3 % people in the world possess 97% of wealth

This Workshop is for you if you are familiar with any of the below points :

  1. If you are making good money but wouldn’t mind getting some more with least efforts
  2. If You are facing financial challenges in your life
  3. If You have loan & EMI’s on your head
  4. If You are failing to save money
  5. If you are not able to make money in spite of doing everything right
  6.  If You are not satisfied with your financial status or materialistic gains
  7. If You don’t have the right attitude towards money
  8. If You don’t have financial discipline
  9. If You are not in the right job or your job is not paying you well
  10. If you are not rewarded for your good work or not getting promotion
  11. If You are making losses in most of your investment
  12. If You consider that you are not lucky
  13. If You have fights with people over money or any materialistic things
  14. If You are not able to fulfill the dreams or desires of your kids, family members or self
  15. If you believe that Earning Money is very tough
  16. If you have concluded that big money and king size life style is not meant for you and your family
  17. If you believe that money is root cause of all evils
  18. If you are jealous of someone who makes more money than you
  19. If you believe that financial literacy can help you achieve more
  20. If you worry yourself sick over money?
  21. If you have trouble falling asleep because of money problems?
  22. If you think about it from the time you get up in the morning until you go to bed at night?
  23. If you purchase things in order to keep up appearances or make an impression?
  24. If you want to learn some simple yet powerful techniques to attract more and more money
  25. If you believe that miracles happen but not sure how



In Short anyone who wants to learn more things about money, money attractions or achieving financial success then this workshop is for you.


Age Group – 12 years – 80 years




Hotel President, Prabhat Road, Pune, Maharashtra



27th & 28th September 2014



9am- 6 pm



Rs 8000/-

(Includes – stationary, kit, snacks, lunch, bonus techniques & recap sessions)



20% Group Discount for a group of 3 or more.

Rs 2000/- Early Bird (If enrolled before 15th September 2014)


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If you see yourself embracing an unhealthy attitude toward money, then force yourself to take a step back and give yourself a financial review.

In this eye-opening 2 day workshop you will discover:

  • The ROOT cause of financial success, mediocrity, or failure – the very blueprint that determines our financial success practically from birth
  • The Process of Manifestation...and how to tap into this natural law to create greater wealth
  • The most important (and overlooked) skill you can possess if you want to be happy and successful
  • The primary influences that determine our mind’s money blueprint and your financial destiny
  • The principle that determines how much you'll be able to expand your capacity to receive and keep the wealth you know you really deserve
  • The world’s easiest and most effective money management system that predictably accelerates your ability to achieve financial freedom

Workshop Content

Day 1

  • Who causes Poverty
  • Function of your root chakra
  • How to strengthen the root chakra
  • How to align Heart Chaktra, Root Chakra & Crown Chakra for financial success
  • What stories are we telling to other about money
  • Who you are (with respect to money)
  • Developing the Money Blueprint
  • Unlearning the poor lessons about money
  • Mastering the Inner game of wealth
  • Ways in which Rich People Think and act differently from the rest
  • Money and the LAW of ATTRATION
  • Powerful Ways to Invent and Create Money
  • The SEBI Model to become rich
  • Why people choose security over money and how it affects their Money BluePrint
  • Let the money work for us


Day 2

  • Making Disappointment your strengths
  • Becoming the Bank Not the Banker
  • Money & emotions, relationships, education system and rest of the life
  • Why most people die poor and how many rich people remain poor
  • Conscious Spending, Saving While you Sleep
  • Power of Giving it back
  • Power of CHOICE  & The Power of DECISIONS
  • The Money Rituals
  • The Money Techniques – 10 Powerful Techniques
  • Daily And Monthly Plans for Money
  • Money Formula & Different MONEY Meditations
  • The Power of COMMITMENT
  • 7 Days Miracle by Keeping the Money as your HIGHEST Priority


Benefits of this workshop:

      You will be able to attract more money without compromising with your value system

      You will Be Money Focused 

      You will have better spending and saving habits and unwanted expenses will go away

      You will be able to Avoid Money Traps 

      You will live the life of your dreams and fulfill your desires

      You will learn to attract perfect customer, job and business opportunities

      You will start making the Right & Wise Money Decisions

      Overcome the fear of failure and the fear of recession or getting into loss

      Money myths and negative beliefs about money will be broken.

      You will be able to make perfect investment decisions

      You will stop relying on one income source and start creating multiple money streams

      You will learn to use your creativity and talent to create wealth

      You will be able to solve your present money problems like – losses, debt etc

      Your good luck or bad luck will convert into Better and Best Luck

      Unlimited Personal Powers to change your destiny favorably

      Eradicate blind beliefs and superstition 

      Leave behind your troubled past and move into a bright satisfying future. 

      Create time to enjoy all that you have created.

      You will learn to attract Abundance and Wealth in every possible field

And much more….

Other Benefits:

  • 25 Powerful Wealth Principles
  • 15 Powerful Affirmation s and Beliefs to attract more money.
  • EFT, Sedona & Hooponopono for money attraction Worth Rs 5000
  • Meditations for financial success Worth Rs 1100
  • BSR’s Audio Program for success worth Rs 2500
  • Life Time Free Guidance & opportunity to repeat the workshop
  • 4 Free Recap sessions worth Rs 8000/-
  • Free copy of – “Dive Within” book by BSR worth Rs 440/-
  • Money Yantras – Worth Rs 5000


Build the Money Muscle – Revise & Repeat | Implementation Focus

Post Workshop : Free – 2 Coaching Session on 2 Sundays from Morning 7 am to 9 am

About the Facilitator:  

Mr. Bhupendra Singh Rathore (BSR)


Leadership Trainer | Motivational Speaker | Author | Business & Life Coach


Having made many people’s journey meaningful and successful, Leadership Trainer and “Breakthrough” Coach – “Bhupendra Singh Rathore”, has committed his life to acquiring and transferring learning that will transform the lives of all, whom he touches. Enabling individuals and organizations to continuously challenge their own horizons is his mission in life”.


Whether you’re an entrepreneur, sales professional, an athlete, an executive or anyone else seeking a high level of performance and success, BSR’s Personal Development Workshops are uniquely designed to help you go to the next level. 

Known for his high-energy and engaging message, BSR has become a highly sought after speaker, consultant, and advisor on strategy execution, regularly delivering keynote speeches and executive presentations to leaders in audiences ranging from the hundreds to several thousand.



As the founder of BSR’s Breakthrough Learning Solutions & BSR’s mission is to help Leaders & Entrepreneurs of emerging; fast-growth companies increase the value of their firms.


BSR has a gift for turning complex problems into simple solutions. He is a respected leadership authority, business coach, family expert, teacher and organizational consultant.


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